Auto Repair at National Dealershiip Out of State

I had my car repaired at a Ford dealership in North Carolina.  But State Farm had totaled my car and I had to send them my title to get paid.  I did as instructed but after having the car repaired and now
in perfect condition, Alabama has issued me a salvage title as SF had totaled it?

I talked to both SF and Ashe County Ford in West Jefferson, NC, I wanted to keep my car as it is in near perfect condition, well maintained and performed flawlessly.  I am reading on the DMV page of Alabama, they will not give me a new title if repaired out of state. I could have had the car repaired and driven it back to Alabama and then ask for my insurance dollars from SF.  I would have still had the original title and this conversation would not be necessary.

I am not rich and am 79 years old and do not need a car payment or problems with someone else's used car.  Car anyone help me...please advise.  Jeff in Birmingham Alabama.

My Ford Repaired at Ford Dealership and now problems?

I live outside of Birmingham Alabama USA and travel frequently to vacation and visit family in and around Hickory. Last July we rented a home on Sugar Mountain to attend the Scottish Highland Games on Grandfather mountain. Here begins my quest I am writing my casual reader about. The second evening there, there came an unusual storm called a "Micro Burst" which is high winds in the 75 MPH range. Several cars were parked in the drive and huge limbs were blown down onto 2 of the parked cars. My Ford Taurus took the brunt of the damage as well as a Prius parked next to my car. It took several days to get a wrecker or get State Farm to tell me just exactly what to do. We stayed on the phone for 2 days cancelling our plans but to get our car towed to SF desired location plus finding an available rental car that Monday to drive back to Birmingham. We got the wrecker Monday am and we found a Ford dealership in Boone, NC the closest we could find. We secured the car with Boone Ford and then were told by State Farm they wanted the car towed to Ashe County Ford, in West Jefferson, NC about 25 miles away. Boone Ford gave me a receipt for my car and assured me they would see the car was picked up properly as directed by State Farm. This did happen as planned and I called Ashe Ford and talked to the asst. Body Shop manager and he said they would have an estimate made for the State Farm adjuster. That happen several days later. I talked to Dennis at Ashe Ford every few days and then was told that State Farm totaled the car as it cost more than the car was worth to repair. I soon got an estimate from SF but was told by Dennis at Ashe Ford that the car was in excellent shape mechanically and they could fix it if I could wait maybe 3 months as they were covered up with cars damaged by the same storm. I could not move or drive the car as the windshield, roof, and back window were damaged so Ashe Ford was my only choice if I wanted to keep the car. To get your payment from SF if totaled you have to send your title to them, pay them the salvaged value $167.00 and you get the check to pay Ashe Ford for the repair. I did this and soon get my check and then a new or replacement title called a "salvage title" in Alabama.

Does anyone know what comprises a salvage title.  Well, it can not be driven on the interstate or state highways and only back or forth to the restorer!  Plus, you cannot get a "restored title" if the restoration was done in another state.  Here I have a car restored to almost like new condition and I cannot get a new tag in April as a salvage title cannot be issued a new tag! 

Here is my question?  My car was damaged in NC and repaired by the Ford dealer that does insurance repairs for State Farm and other insurance companies.   I have the estimate issued by Ashe County Ford in July and the finished repair cost issued by Ashe County Ford and I have the 2 checkes issued covering said cost.  Ashe County told me they could save me some cost as some panels can be repaired rather than replaced but would be done one technician who can do this type of repair.  Ashe County Ford saved me about #1,500 under the estimate given to State Farm. 

If you go the DMV in Alabama on the web you can see my catch 22 dilemma.  It looks like Alabama does not truest an out of state Ford dealer to repair my car properly.  I can assure the DMV I had no motor or frame damage as none are on the initial estimate given to State Farm.  All the damage was sheet metal, front and rear glass, and labor and paint.  I did get front brakes done when the mechanic who drove and road tested my car ask how many miles were on my front brakes.  For $90.00 they turned the front rotors and replaced the pads...I called my dealer in Alabama and said the estimate of car unseen would be about $150.00. 

If you have read this far, please let me know if there is any avenue open for me to apply for a restored title in Alabama to get a new tag in

My Ford-less vacation on Sugar Mountain, NC

To all my gentle readers, You think everything will be alright when you plan your vacation right to the T. But a micro burst storm drops some very heavy tree limps on my 2004 Ford Taurus SES. No vacation, no Highland Games, No special events to add to my memory book. Week end lost and specnding most of Friday pm, all day Saturday and Sunday on the phone with insurance company, wrecker service and rent a car companies. Glad we had good cell phone service and getting our car hauled to two Ford dealers and getting a Hertz car driving back to Birmingham and trying to rejoin a normal life and getting home to our pet cat, Sophie Savannah Nutter. She had maybe a days worth of food left and now dancing all over the place seeing mom and dad back home. The car was damaged on Friday night July 8th and it is now September 3rd. I talked to Dennis at Ashe County Ford and he is spending his 3 day weekend working on my car. It will be fun talking to him Monday and see where we are in the process. He had the car a his home shop and the final paint job will be done by Ashe County Ford. He assured me the car should be ready before September 15th, 12 days from NOW. I talk to him just about every week and sometimes twice if I have a question. I told him Friday I needed a detail restoration bill so I could get a new Alabama Title to the car after restoration. The damage to the car was all sheet metal and costmetic and lets get this done now ASAP. Karen and I talked yesterday and we plan to rent a car one way and drive the Taurus back to Bham. Now can I find Ashe County Ford in North Jefferson, North Carolina? Hopefully the GPS will get us there...Wish us Luck. Jeff

Hello guys and gals, This is Jeff in B'ham, Al, USA. I have been computer less for about 18 months with both laptops down and my printer giving up the ghost. I got my older Dell working flawlessly and bought a new Epson Seiko printer called a Work Force 3520 which came on line with only a plugin and finding the WiFi. Bingo! I am not the big time poster or reader of years past but am on facebook, have a bellsouth and gmail email about and will check each at least once a day unless away from home. I have discovered life after work and not taking laptop with me all over the place. Thanks to all you guys my gentle reader and let me see a post or comment from YOU! Jeff the Knutt in the Ham

Georgia Northcutt

Dear good and faithful reader, I have not posted anything since April of last year, my bad! But now if you are reading this try a new page just for me. Type in She has just beginning a life adventure of going to college in Capetown For a year. It sounds very exciting and will be an interesting Read. Good luck Georgia. Jeff

Water in my basement

I have lived in my home for 38 years and this is only the 2nd time to have any water in my basement. My den, utility room, spare bedroom and garage had some visible water after almost 7 inches of rain Fell in about 12 hours. How much is this? Near my home is a football and 2 soccer fields. If you watched the news the pix of the football field it shows water almost up to the cross bar of the field goal. That is over 6 1/2 feet of standing water. There was water in homes that had never had water them! We lost some rugs and carpet, but we were on it right away and hopefully with fans and drying all Should be well.. Wish us luck. Jeff

Pix on the way

It has been a time since anything posted here. But Jeff is a victim of Facebook, Twitter And other distractions. But I have some Great pix of my 2 year old cat 'Sophie Savannah'. So wet your lips as some fantastic pix Are on the way! Knutt in the Ham

The front end of my Taurus after a "Hit and Run" Accident Aug. 28, 2012
The front end of my car after Town and Country Ford repaired above.
The rear fender of my Taurus after the Buick hit me TWICE!
The rear fender of my Taurus after Town and Country (Bessemer) repair it!